Botox Secrets of the Mastercraftsmen

Minimizing scars and grafts

No Scar Lower Baggy Eyelid Removal

Dr. Villar enjoys helping his patients achieve realistic improvement in body form and function.  He is a pioneer and innovator.  He was the first to use hyperbaric oxygen in abdomenoplasty sloughs, ear reattachment, and recluse spider bites.  He devised techniques to improve permanent eyeliner and brow pigmentation techniques.  He had the first yellow dye-tuneable laser with a hexascanner in the USA and introduced Co2 resurfacing to Stuart.  He was the first on the Treasure Coast to experiment with Botox and develop techniques that have remained safe and effective and withstood the test of time. He developed a technique for lip enhancement that was soft and natural and avoided the rubber duck deformity so common today.   Dr. Villar is locally known as the master of the “classy but juicy” breast enlargements that are natural and nearly undetectable in 90% of cases.  His secretive work reconstructing  patients with under the muscle breast deformities and other breast disasters was revealed on True Hollywood Stories Investigates, Plastic Surgery Nightmares, giving him international recognition for the extensive work he did for two decades without fanfare.  Dr. Villar is now excited about pushing the boundaries of Coolsculpting and Ultherapy technologies to freeze resistant fat bulges and tighten facial laxity non-surgically.  No matter how well he masters a procedure or technology, he is intellectually curious about finding “a better way”. Dr. Villar is privileged and honored to have been trained by many talented and gifted men in surgery, trauma surgery, and plastic reconstructive surgery.  He takes the best ideas from many of his favorite great talents and combines and recombines them constantly with his own ideas and innovations to find a better way.  No two cases are ever the same. He is a challenge to his scrub nurse of seventeen years because he thinks on his feet and adjusts to the nuances of each patient.  Plastic reconstructive surgery is fun.  It is an adventure. Dr. Villar never says this is a “Villar Facelift”.  His facelifts are the product of many thoughtful minds tweaked and in constant evolution by Dr. Villar.  It is  a Facelift “byVillar”, an homage to the greats who came before him. Dr. Villar is one of a handful of Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons performing Mohs skin cancer removal.  Patients being referred to him for reconstruction after Mohs by Dermatologists were arriving with large defects of the face and nose with increasing frequency.  Patients were having Mohs excisions by dermatologists at one facility and then ferried to other facilities for reconstruction by a plastic surgeon at great inconvenience.  He studied and mastered the Mohs technique and realized it was being over-utilized.   His experience as a Reconstructive Surgeon spurred him to devise and develop techniques and protocols to minimize the tissue loss so common by those  over utilizing  Mohs technique.  Master reconstructive surgeons utilizing Mohs and other techniques when appropriate, is the ideal combination that Dr. Villar is encouraging. For One-Stop-Shopping convenience, Dr. Villar will perform Mohs wide excision and reconstruction of the resultant defect in his office and use alternative techniques if more appropriate when needed.
Dr. Villar is an AMAZING surgeon. I live in LA and I’ve seen the work of the leading cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Dr. Luis Villar’s talent and artistic eye is as equal if not better than the top surgeons in Los Angeles. Stuart Florida is lucky to have him.
Ashley K.