Surfing the Web for cosmetic surgery information reveals a disturbing trend. Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong! Many surgeons proclaim that the one operation they do is the best and they are the most qualified to do it. For instance, one surgeon claims that going through the armpit, under the muscle is the best technique. He suggests that this is a more difficult technique than commonly used and he is uniquely qualified due to his vast experience. Another suggests inserting the implant through the belly button is the best way to go. Another claims through the areola, under the muscle, is the best. Another claims inserting the implant through the inframammary crease, over the muscle is the best choice. Similar claims about facial surgery are being made. One touts endoscopic, subperiosteal, with relocation of the lateral corner of the eye. Another touts the deep SMAS. Another touts the limited, or modified SMAS. Some only perform endoscopic brow lifts. Others only perform open brow lifts. etc. etc. The common disturbing thread is that many of these surgeons prefer, and perform, one favored operation and fit all the patients to the operation. This is an embarrassment to our profession. A fundamental concept of medicine is that all patients are different and have unique and varying needs.
by Villar Plastic Surgery - Center For Excellence - Stuart FL
Dr. Villar has been featured in televised programs and news stories. He was featured on True Hollywood Stories Investigates-Nightmares in Plastic Surgery for his work helping the victims of deforming surgeries.
Without fanfare, Dr. Villar has been quietly helping women disfigured by ill-conceived, plastic surgery gone wrong or executed surgeries and dismissed by the medical community as irrepairable. The story is always the same. After unsuccessful surgery, the doctor blames the patient. ” You didn’t follow instructions”. “The left side of your body heals different than the right side”. The patient finally loses trust after repeated failed attempts at repair, and seeks a second opinion. Second opinions confirm poorly conceived or executed surgery, but no one wants to get involved. Failed surgeries are hard to fix and patients transfer their anger to the helping surgeon if he is unsuccessful. It is high risk and expensive so patients are told: “Go back to the doctor who botched you”. Then comes the shame and guilt phase. “God is punishing me for being vain”. Every day, untold numbers are disfigured or suffer unnecessary complications at the hands of incompetent, greedy, or arrogant physicians. This is a national disgrace! For two decades, Dr. Villar has been secretly helping these women. True Hollywood Stories Investigates explores this dark side of Plastic Surgery. Google THS Investigates Plastic Surgery Nightmares for showtimes.