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in Stuart, FL

Dr. Luis Villar enjoys helping his patients achieve realistic improvement in body form and function. He is known by his peers as a pioneer and innovator. He was the first to use hyperbaric oxygen in abdominoplasty sloughs, ear reattachment and recluse spider bites. Dr. Villar devised techniques to improve permanent eyeliner and brow pigmentation techniques.


Dr. Villar is locally known as the master of “classy non-jumping” breast enlargements that are natural and nearly undetectable. This secretive work reconstructing patients with under the muscle breasts deformities and other breast disasters was featured on true Hollywood stories investigates, Plastic Surgery Nightmares, giving him international recognition for the extensive work he did for two decades without fanfare.


Dr. Villar is always excited about pushing the boundaries of technology and is intellectually curious about finding “a better way”.

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