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How to identify a facelift by Villar

All face lifts seem to look the same until you examine the details.  Notice there is no distortion of the face or pulling up the corner of the eyes. There is no hair-loss in the temple area or behind the ears. there is no pulling distortion or curtain folds of the cheek skin. There is no exaggeration of the cheek bones. The jawline is restored naturally and the angle of the neck looks natural. There are no dents or divits in the neck skin from liposuction.  There are no railroad scars in front or behind the ears from leaving sutures in too long or too tight. Minimal swelling and bruising is achieved by meticulous sharp  scissor dissection instead of lipo dissection which faster but a little more traumatic. Routine fat injections prolong recovery.  Fillers and fat injections are only used when necessary. Each case is unique.

Is this a Facelift by Villar?

The answer is NO.  Notice the distortion of the natural hairline in front of the ear, and behind it.  Poor choice of incisions in this particular patient. She can never wear her hair up in a ponytail.

Strategically placed incisions, and meticulous tissue handling results

in no distortion of the hairline, minimal swelling and bruising, and the

ability to sweep the hair back into a ponytail when desired.

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